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Héctor Lavoe
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A Los Pueblos

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Héctor Lavoe

Welcome to this site dedicated to

Hector Juan Perez Martinez
Hector Lavoe
El Cantante de los Cantantes
(September 30, 1946 - June 29, 1993)

I remember clearly when at the age of 12, the first song I heard by Héctor Lavoe was "Ah ah, Oh No". I liked that song so much that I wanted to hear more of him. I also heard a song where he would say: "Cuidao que te llevan los underware baby (be careful you don't lose your underware baby). To me quot;underware" were gangsters. lol

The first LP I bought with my own money was at the age of 13, the album "Lo Mato", in Manhattan, New York. At the time I used to live in Staten Island. When I was returning home I found out that I didn't have enough money to pay for the "Ferry". Oh boy!, I had to sneak in without being seen in order to get home.

Lavoe's voice will last forever in salsa music.

If you like to know more about the history of "El Cantante de los Cantantes", I recommend the book "The Hector Lavoe Story" by José A. Pérez y Antonio I. Mejías.

If you see an incomplete area and have the lyrics you can send it to me via email to email.

Thanks and enjoy!


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