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Raphy Leavitt
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Raphy Leavitt

Welcome to this site dedicated to

Raphy Leavitt y La Selecta de PR

When I was just a boy at the age of 12, I became interested in music, particularly about Salsa. I've followed Raphy Leavitt's music since he organized La Selecta.

On June 20, 2002 a day before the 30th anniversary concert, I had the pleasure of meeting Raphy Leavitt and his wife, and singers Sammy Marrero and Carlitos Ramirez. It was a unique and unforgettable experience.

His music distinguishes by positive messages, funny songs, romantic, and of social content, avoiding always bad taste.

His lead singer from day one, Sammy Marrero, has been one of the best soneros from Puerto Rico. His one of a kind voice gives greater feeling to his songs.

I invite everyone to get to know his music through this site. Here you'll find information like biography, discography, photos, presentations, news, etc. You'll also find a song index to easily locate the lyrics to any of his songs.

Thank you and enjoy. Samuel

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